Billet Stuff


Well, I decided to pull the engine to do some resealing and cleanup of the over spray from the old paint job. I also decided to add aftermarket AC, new brackets, smaller booster, and some dress up stuff. Watch the Update Page for more on all this.

See all the dull paint. That's over spray from when the car was painted.

You can see all the over spray on the A-arms. The intake is dirty and stained. The valve covers are rusty. That big old ugly AC unit. And oil leaks.

Billet Speciality Stuff

7" Booster, new master and Combination valve.

4 Core Radiator

Gas line Parts

Alan Grove Pulleys. AC, Alt, and Power Steering. I have installed these for a trial fit before I pulled the engine. They work real nice.

Classic Air System. No more big ugly box. And a smaller compressor.