Engine Update 8/8/06



I got the word on my engine. They had to sleeve the cylinder that was scored. Everything else looked good. I'm having new bearings and Moly rings installed on the same .030 over pistons. The rods needed resizing. The heads had bad valve guides. They are installing new bronze guides. I am having them degree the cam and check all the clearances. I got a new Lunati cam and lifters. It's the 60203LK. That's their "268" cam. I got a new Melling oil pump and pickup. I got a Comp Cams double roller timing chain. New 1 piece moly push rods.



I picked up my engine today. It was redone by Ray Engines in Tyler, Tx. They rebuilt the short block using my .030 over pistons, rods, and crank. They resized the rods. They had to sleeve the one cylinder that was scored. I had new bearings and moly rings installed. They welded the new pickup to the new oil pump and installed the Lunati Voodoo cam and lifters. They degreed the cam. They installed the oil pan. The heads were redone, with new bronze guides. My valves were all good. They checked spring heights and shimmed them. They put new seals on. I had them grind all the slag off the center valley so the oil would flow over the cam better. They did all this for $747.25.                                            

It dosen't look real good now because I told them not to paint it. I'll do that myself. I'm thinking black. With all the chrome and aluminum and a few red accents, I think it will be sharp.


I got it cleaned and painted and trial fitted everything. Those are the Alan Grove brackets and the Billet Specialties Chevy Power valve covers and air cleaner. The brackets are painted the same color as the car.