My Shop 2


I decided to close the carport in and use it as my machine shop. It will help keep the dirt down in the main area. A friend of mine, Frank Amos, helped me with the sheet metal. We then mixed bags of concrete to pour the floor. We did it in 3 sections. Frank just recently passed on May 18th 2012 of cancer. He's been a friend for about 37 years.

I'm using the carport for my machine shop. Added a sink

Redid the main shop area.

Installed motion sensor light with night vision camera in main shop and outside front door. The picture feeds to my house

I installed a 4 post lift. It's a Dannmar 7000x. It's wider and longer than most.

I can get it to lift almost all the way up. To the bottom of the lift is 6'. To the floorpan of the car is 7'3". I like to leave it lower and use my roll around seat with the built in toolbox.

I got the lift from      Best Buy Automotive Equipment

I insulated the door when I insulated the carport.