Some Others I've Owned

This is a 66 SS396 I bought in 1970. It was the 325hp. with a 4

speed. Blue bench seat interior. I paid a $1000. for it. The

building in the back is where we worked on our cars. Notice

the 62 Dodge to the right. That was a Slant 6 with 3 speed on

the column. I paid $50 for that. It was my winter car.

This was Brockport, New York

This is our 97 Monte Carlo LS. We got it new and added the wheels

and the tail spoiler. Great car. We traded it in on an Olds Aurora.

This was the Olds Aurora we traded the Monte in on.

This is the 04 Hyundai we traded on the Olds.

66 Belair convertible with a 325hp 396. I got this off a Preacher. It had a rod knocking when I got it. I rebuilt it. Then when I was building my pool, the guy that was digging it said "wow, what a great car. Is it for sale?" I was going to build a 16x32 pool but went to a 18x36 when he bought it.

69 Firebird 400 & automatic. White leather buckets.

95 Firebird Convertible. 6 cylinder. Great little cruiser.

93 Lumina Euro. We traded this in on the Monte. This was a great little car. We blackened the trim. It was orange.

My 95 Ranger. God, I hated that truck. Would hardly move out of it's own way.

My 01 Silverado. I loved this truck. I traded it in on my 05 Magnum RT. The truck only had 13,000 miles on it.