Our Pups

These are our pups. They are just like kids to us. We love them to death. They are Keiko, Sasha, and Sofie. Keiko and Sasha are Yorkie-Poos, and Sofie is a German bloodline female Rottweiler. Keiko and Sasha are brother and sisters. We have had them 3&1/2 years. Sofie is 12 weeks old. Just got her 7/24/08. Keiko is Japanese for "one that is loved". Sasha is Russian for " beautiful courtesan, helpful".

Keiko is a male and Sasha is a female. Brother & sister. These are 2 of the sweetest and best dogs ever.

Doin' what we love best.

" Leave me alone. I'm sleepin here"

"What he said"

Sasha as a pup. Looks like a Teddy Bear.

Keiko as pup.


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More pics of Sofie coming soon

And Videos now, too.