Our Personal Review On The XG350L


We purchased our XG350 on June 18, 04. We really like it. The fit and finish on the car is real nice. It's roomy enough for us. More room than the Olds Aurora we traded in. The engine 3.4L, is pretty peppy and the tranny, 5spd. auto, shifts out good. The engine is very quiet. We are pleased with everything about it.

UPDATED 6/8/06

Well we have owned it for 2 full years now. Still are pleased with the car. No problems of any kind. It has 29,165 miles on it. I will update my opinion again in a year.

Updated  10/23/08

Well, it's been two years now since I updated this. We still own the car. Still no problems of any kind. There are 65,000 miles on the car now.




Problems We've Had

  1. 07/20/04 Engine light came on. Problem: Open wire on purge valve. Dealer fixed.