Newest Updates

I will list my latest updates to the site here with links to the new pages.

SOLD 3/10/05  I just listed a 1966 Chevy Fleetside Pickup For Sale  SOLD

3/26/05  I added a page on installing a Ford remote solenoid.     Solenoid Info Here

4/16/05 1st show of the year. I took a class win at the Terrell Heritage Jubilee  Trophy Pic

5/10/05  I installed a CD Player in my glovebox and put the original radio back in.  HERE

  6/15/05   I installed an Edelbrock aluminum water pump   HERE

  6/16/05  I installed a 100 amp chrome alternator      HERE

  6/19/05  I installed a dual electric cooling fan set up.      HERE

 7/11/05  I just had a drawing done of my Chevelle.     HERE

  8/5/05   I just installed the MSD 6al Ignition      HERE

  10/28/05  I just posted a new Guestbook. Please sign it.  HERE


   1/21/06  Installed a fire extinguisher and Chevy Sport Steering Wheel   HERE

1/27/06  Installed an overflow recovery tank. Stock GM.     HERE

5/19/06  I am pulling the engine to do some work and add some stuff.    HERE

6/9/06  AC Box removed. Found a big surprise.    HERE

7/1/06  I added a page for a friends 71 Chevelle with a blown 350.  HERE

7/12/06   I found a problem with my engine.    HERE

 No Longer Available   7/24/06  Free weekly Video Restoration Tips by Jeff Lilly     HERE     No Longer Available

8/8/06  News on the engine.    HERE

8/23/06   Engine is back.     HERE

8/26/06   Updated the Engine Specs  HERE

    9/15/06  Engine painted and trial fit stuff.  HERE           MORE PICS ADDED 12/23/06

12/23/06  Classic Air Install   HERE


1/02/07  The wife's car got sideswiped, from one end to the other.    HERE    Repair Pics Added  1/12/07


8/03/08  Just got a 2004 Chevy Silverado Stepside Extended Cab. Beautiful truck.      HERE

 SOLD      8/03/08    My old Black 1986 Silverado Shortbed for sale.     SOLD


7/28/11   I just posted my 2005 Dodge Magnum R/T for sale      SOLD SOLD

6/21/12  I just closed in my carport on my shop and installed a 4 post lift     HERE

6/26/12  I just got an engine test stand    HERE

Since I sold my Magnum R/T, I decided to put some of the money towards updating my Chevelle. Heres a list of new parts for it        HERE

Great New Version Of The Star Spangled Banner       HERE

12/10/12   Just added a page for our nephew Ross. He got a sharp custom Harley.      HERE

5/  /15   Just added a page for our nephew George. Owns a 71 Torino.     HERE

11/07/16   Just added a page for my brother in law Glenn. He just got a 57 Chevy 2dr. wagon          HERE