When It Was Yellow



When We 1st Got It

When we first bought the car it was pretty decent. It was a one owner car. It had 119,000 miles on the odometer. It didn't have much done to it. It looked like it did when it came from the factory. It was a 350 engine with a 350th transmission and 2:73 rearend. It still had a points distributor, single exhaust and all the smog stuff. The body was solid. It did have a basketball size dent in the left quarter and it leaked around the rear windshield. The interior was good except the front seat cover was torn on drivers pad and back. The trunk was covered in orange shag carpet but was rust free. The car ran good but smoked a little. Bad valve seals I think. The tranny was a little slushy too. Overall it was a good solid car to start with.

What We Did Next

The first thing I did to the car was replace the seat cover. I installed a new black carpet. I tore the shag out of the trunk and added a new mat and spare tire cover. I installed a Custom Auto Sound cassette system with Kenwood rear speakers and Custom Sounds front dual speakers. Now it was time to go all out. I bought a complete 454 off Ebay. I already had an M21 4speed that was completely rebuilt by Speed-o-motive. I ordered all new suspension parts. I ordered the exhaust  which included Hooker headers, FloMaster pipes, and Summit turbos and Qtec electric cutouts. I got all new brake parts and hoses. Now it was time for the tear down. I then cleaned and painted everything. Then the installation process began. New wheels and tires were added. The old rearend was still in it for a month or so after I got it back together and running. It ran good and fast but needed the gears. I found an open 12 bolt. I ordered all the new parts off Ebay. I cleaned and painted it and had the gears installed. What a difference. Night and day. I then buffed the car out. That made quite a difference in appearance. I still couldn't wait to get it painted. After about six months we had enough money to paint it, get all new interior stuff and all the extras you need like weatherstrips, emblems and chrome peices we needed to replace. I have documented all of this and you will find lots of pictures here on my site. From the time I got it to it's present state.